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Neck Pain

woman working with neck painAs one of the most common complaints that bring people to see a chiropractor, neck pain can sideline individuals from their daily activities and all the things in life they love. Neck pain is discomfort associated with the cervical spine, the area just below your skull or occiput, and down as far as the T6, which is the thoracic spine, or upper back.

The causes of neck pain range from whiplash in a motor vehicle accident to more commonly, looking downward at digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers and generally poor posture.

At Motion4Life, patients have trusted Dr. Taillefer for years to correct the underlying cause of their neck pain and provide relief.

Our Approach

Chiropractic techniques

We offer various techniques, such as the gentle Active Release Techniques®, to work on the muscles and ligaments in the neck and upper back; in addition to diversified chiropractic adjustments. Cox® Technic is also helpful. This method is designed specifically to be low impact or gentle, achieving a decompression and mobilization in the neck.
Dr. Taillefer often finds that the combination of Active Release Techniques® and Cox® Technic can be effective in regaining that mobility and decompressing those aforementioned structures. Diversified adjustments are also used for neck pain. These are effective at releasing tension in joint complexes and getting them to move.

Supportive therapies

In addition to those foundational treatments for improving mobility and decreasing the pain and stiffness in the neck and upper back, there are also supportive therapies. These complementary therapies, such as electrotherapy (IFC), can help decrease tension and restore some movement of nutrients into these areas. Functional integrated acupuncture can also be effective by helping ease pain and improve function in those areas of the spine.


Do I have to get my neck adjusted?

No, there are many ways to achieve desired outcomes without adjustments. Dr. Taillefer often finds that once he’s done some mobilizations and Active Release Techniques®, and patients get comfortable with their neck moving in his hands, they tend to feel comfortable with some gentle, conservative chiropractic adjustments that can help improve their condition.

Can a patient start with different therapies?

Yes, there are supportive therapies a patient could start with, before Dr. Taillefer uses his hands to adjust and mobilize their neck.

When can I expect improvement?

If someone is younger and has had fewer opportunities for stress in the neck and upper back, they may respond more quickly than an older spine with more accumulation of stresses and traumas, as well as the associated effects of the aging process (e.g. cartilage and disc degeneration).

Generally, a patient can expect to see some improvement within four to six treatments in terms of mobility and pain reduction.

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